fredag den 16. november 2012

Cuboid nails in London

Finally I borrowed a good camera! Actually better than my own. Now I can take fantastic pictures thanks to my dear friend Line :-) Actually the main reason is that I've travelled to London this weekend, and I just can't be here without a camera! Right now I'm at the fanciest hotel 5 minutes from London Eye! My boyfriend is sleeping, so I have the time to write a post, and then I'll wake him up and take him to the christmas market!

Yesterday I used my first pack of nail art wraps (10 of them out of 20 in each pack) from models own! I've before used wraps from Essence and Urban Outfitters which are both really great with extreme hold (and especially Essence's studio nail fashion sticker is also really cheap and therefore recommended! -I'll make a review some other day). But today it's about Models Own's Nail Art Wraps I bought on their website when they had 50% off :D I bought 2x cuboid and 1x POW! (and 6 polishes).  Of course they look great! I love the mix of gold, silver and black, so everything can match (as an example, it matches the city life perfectly!).

But as you might see in the picture, they are already damaged on 2nd day (this is way to fast compared to the others I've had which also looked great in the 2nd week!). It is because of the foil. These stickers have a black base, with a tiny layer of silver and gold foil on it, and this can easily be scratched off.. I tried to put a layer of topcoat on it, but this made the foil crumble, and (in my opinion) ruined it... I only have topcoat on the right hand to see the difference, and the right hand is worse. Here is more foil disappeared but at least its plane where the gold is... I'm happy I bought two packs so I can find out a way to get them to stay longer without the foil crumbles... But I'll keep them the rest of this weekend and admire them as long as I can!

Here's today's view... It looks like I just picked the wrong sizes or couldn't avoid the air-pockets, but this happened after the topcoat. But of course they are beautiful, and I'm tempted to stick out my hand on each tourist-photo I take!

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